Working Holiday Visa – Travel Insurance

The Working Holiday Visa allows young people, from 17 to 35 years old, to go abroad for at least one year in one of the six countries that signed agreements with France: Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.

This adventure is a great opportunity to visit places, meet new people and gain more work experience for the ones who want it.

Schengen Visa Travel Insurance

The new Website Working Holiday Program shows you in detail all the conditions to participate in a Working Holiday Visa and all the formalities to enroll a PVT application.

Many good deals to find a place where to live, work in PVT, book a hotel or a car, make cheaper calls, and transfer your mail will be also available.

At last, the Working Holiday Program Web site introduces you the travel insurance necessary for such a trip. Indeed, it may be required at your arrival to justify a travel insurance which covers your entire stay.

Travel insurance is certainly an obligation but also a precaution. If any health problem or a concern related to your luggage or your flight happens to you for example, the Working Holiday insurance will protect you from those troubles.

Medical costs with and without hospitalization, assistance, repatriation, civil liability which is often required, legal protection in case of conflicts, lost of baggage, travel cancellation, travel modification, personal accident belong to the guarantees to consult.

Of course, more there are guarantees in your insurance, more the insurance price will be high, but the best you will be assured. It is important in some countries with high medical costs (Canada, Australia, New Zealand…) to have a contract that covers those costs, otherwise you will be in charge to pay those fees. Thus, do not focus only on the insurance price!

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